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Ok, so I forgot a few things to post. Michelle mentioned that the idea of coffee and yarn couldn't be much better, I would have to agree. I am a self-admitted caffeine addict, so granted coffee and most things sounds good to me, but combined with fiber makes a wonderful location for knitting.

When our little clan was there we came across Bakerina. Sitting at the front of Knit NY, we noticed some turquoise yarn quickly converting into lace pattern a la Bakerina. She was extremely nice and I was completely impressed. She only learned to knit in November and her first project was socks (which I haven't even touched). Her second project is lace.

Also, I mentioned that Anna brought me yarn from Paris? Well, here are the pics. It is luscious and divine, and after some research with Sunday I am moving towards a poncho or wrap with a linen stitch. We do not know the material but it is thin, soft to the touch, with a little fuzziness like mohair, and feels like alpaca. Everyone at sns summarized with, "Don't felt it".

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At 7:36 PM CynCyn said...

yarn is oh so pretty.... it's all going in the same project, yes?

At 8:08 PM bakerina said...

Well, mercy. :) What a nice post. Thank you kindly. It was delightful to meet you.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I didn't make the leap into lace on project #2 -- I went through a biiiiig stretch of sockmaking before I had the nerve to tackle lace. :)


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