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I have never been one for shameless self-promotion or self-advocacy, however I was extremely happy to receive voicemails and emails from friends and family extending a birthday greeting. I think what tickled me the most was an email from my friend with a picture of her cat and the felted kitty pi bed. I do think that my cat beds have to be made larger (much larger). Yet still, I am happy happy happy!

Other birthday celebrations will occur later. DH gave me a lovely gift certificate to my LYS which I plan on destroying tomorrow during the SNB and enjoying my birthday discount. I also am receiving a special bag from my close friend which should arrive in a few days. Lastly, the folks are taking DH and I to Don Pepe's for some Spanish cuisine. You may be thinking paella, but you haven't tried their stuffed lobster or spicy shrimp. And can we say Sangria?

On another topic, have I professed my love for Malabrigo? If I haven't (or even if I have) it is wonderful. I am flying through the scarf. Forgetful Stitcher asked and I am halfway done with the extra long scarf. The remaining skein should make a nice hat or mittens (must confirm yardage). Anyways, I think I will be making a few more scarves out of this yarn. I don't think I can felt this yarn, I love it too much to agitate it and remove the delicateness of its touch.

3 threads:

At 12:07 PM athena said...

happy birthday!

At 2:35 AM CynCyn said...

happy happy! hope you enjoyed the sangria!

At 11:23 PM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

OMG, this whole traveling thing is making verything role into 1. How could I have forgotten your B-day?? Happy, Happy B-Day. Hope you enjoyed the shopping at s-n-s, you'll have to show me what you bought.


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