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Grumperina posed the question,

"Who knows about your knitting and your knitting blog, and what are your reasons for revealing (or not) its existence to these folks?"

Most people who know me at this point are aware I knit. Whether they have accepted it or not, is another question. My husband has mild acceptance of my knitting, although he refuses to buy me a knitting related Christmas gift (that's ok, I bought my own) and my parents are aware of the knitting but my mom is perplexed. In Puerto Rico, crocheting is very popular, but she never enjoyed it, so she is confused by these turn of events. Friends are friends, if they like it they ask questions and learn to knit (which is how I learned and how I introduced a friend) or they make fun of you (or both).

The blog began out of curiosity. I put wedding photos up, announcements of fundraisers, and now my knitting obssession. I have learned that a few friends visit the blog. Recently, my mom asked for the address but I am now all confused. See, I have pictures of the beginning of her Christmas gift. And after learning that a friend (and her husband-hi Ulli!) visit my blog, I have had recently had to cutback on some of the postings due to the graphic material involved-no, because I have made gifts for some, and bought gifts for others.

So, I will write about how I really really want a Roumba. It sounds crazy. But, my friend who has two cats has scheduled her Roumba to vacuum her place twice a week and she has mentioned it cuts down on the fur. Now, we have five cats. Five, so can you imagine the balls of in our home? Yesterday, I noticed a ball of fur that was the size of a mouse. I chased it down the hallway but it eventually made it under the armoire (out of reach with minimal effort). I am convinced the balls of fur have a plan to join forces to form one super huge cat. It will have its own soundtrack like the Power Rangers or Transformers, and yell out meows when it combines to become MegalaFelinis!

2 threads:

At 2:06 PM grumperina said...

Thanks for answering! Your mom's confusion about your knitting is really cute :)

At 4:08 PM katie said...

haha i'm getting a roomba (i think) for christmas! it was on my amazon wishlist (and i was a baaaad girl and peeked at it without the holiday filter on, so i saw what was purchased heehee!!!)


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