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So, after a moment of madness, I realized I have no idea how much yarn, of what type of yarn, how many needles, what type of needles, and notions that I have. So, I made piles of yarn on the floor. Now, let me explain my stash is not huge by any means, however I am an individual who is committed against clutter. I through random pieces of paper away. You can ask my friend Anna how I threw her tickets to England because I thought they were scraps of paper (a trip to visit her fiance nonetheless). And how we went threw the garbage in the condo the day she was supposed to leave to realize that it was probably in the garbage I brought to the basement, which we went to look for to then realize the garbage was picked up that morning. Yeah, that was fun. So, me cleaning up what I feel is somewhat disorganized is rational as the year is coming to a close. So, I made piles of all my needles and made an Excel spreadsheet (email me or post a comment if you want a copy) and sat in front of Gilmore Girls to enter the spreadsheet. I made piles of my yarn and separated into projects (for myself, for the knit 4 paws, for the paws bazaar, and for other projects like my sil shawl). I am finally somewhat satisfied with the progress until I realized I really need to finish some of these projects. So, after the holidays I have to finish the cat beds for the second knit 4 paws and scarves for next year's bazaar. Ok, so that is how the topic of resolutions came into being.

Here they are:

1. Finish the poncho I began in a sage green angora. I seemed to have added the cowl neck backwards. That will take an afternoon. And block it.
2. Finish my sil's poncho. I want to make it bigger and I have ton of yarn leftover to do that. Block it and mail it. The deadline for this is end of May.
3. Finish the remaining acrylic yarn I have in a bag. Make it into some cat blankets and drop off at shelter. Deadline for this is March.
4. Finish the yarn I have in a bag making sarves. Deadline for this is July.
5. Mail Mercedes baby blanket. It has been done for months.

Ultimately, this will free up my baskets for some yummy yarns and new projects such as,

1. Make a baby blanket for Ben's cousin. Heidi is due in May and I am so excited to finally make a baby item. Deadline is April if I am to mail in time.
2. Make the Yarn Harlot's poncho. I have the yarn sitting in a bag in the bedroom because it doesn't fit in my stash basket (thus the items listed above).
3. Make the Harry Potter scarf. I have the yarn, I should use it. Before the next movie comes out.
4. Whatever else inspires me as it comes to me....

I leave you with this moment of zen. A kitty pi bed I made for my friend Fiona who wrote a letter of recommendation. She does't know its coming and based on my ability to mail things, I don't want to warn her it is coming. Which reminds me:

6. Mail Fiona's cat bed.

Ignore the paper, ignore the paper! There is no clutter on this table, it is holiday madness creating this mess.

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