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I am a little tired. The knit-out was last Sunday, and although we had a small turnout, there was a decent amount of blankets received. This Sunday is the PAWS-atively fabulous CUT-A-THON at Bangz Salon and Spa. Despite the PAWPrints printed late, we will probably have a good turnout.

Onto more exciting talk. I am making the Greta poncho from Viva Poncho. I picked up some yummy angora yarn in a mossy green. I have finally decided that with the Rio do la Plata yarn in burgundy, I will use the Yarn Harlot's poncho pattern. I finished two cat beds for the PAWS Annual Bazaar, I have two that are almost done and need to be felted, and I will probably make two to three more. OR, I may make two felted wine bags. I have some hot pink Cascade yarn, and I just picked up some whisper pink yarn in Cascade, and then some Crystal Palace squiggles.

I just finished organizing the Schlep for Sheep 2005 for stix-n-stitches. We are taking a bus to Rhinebeck, NY, for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. It should be good, starting off with breakfast, and then trekking up to NY, and enjoying some fried artichokes, sheepdog trials, and wool! Lots of wool!

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