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Our SNB at Parlor has now closed and we have migrated over to Stix-n-Stitches several stores down for the same time period. On Thursday nights around 7pm until 9-ish we sit and knit and chit and chat and stare at yarn. Well, stare isn't an accurate statement, more like we oogle the yarn. I put the baby blanket aside which I am only one skein left to go, but since I took the mitered square class on Wednesday, I decided to take up the acrylic yarn and practice my modular knitting to make a cat blanket. It works great for practicing some yarn. I do think that this would be great for a baby blanket, it creates texture and with the trendsetter yarn would be so cute.

Tomorrow, Ben has his second interview and my fingers are crossed. I am so nervous, which I am sure he will be fine, but I get so nervous.

The kitties are doing well, they are sleeping next to me as I type. I am getting ready for next week's Knit Out in the park. We have a banner made by Joan's friend Linda and it looks beautiful! Pictures to be posted soon!

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At 5:47 PM Woolgathered said...

Oooh, good idea about the acrylic-- I always knew it was good for cat stuff, but it's good to know you can practice scary modular knitting with it! I might try entrelac now. :D


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