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Ok, so I have been a little absent from posting. Ironically, Ben and I went to Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool Festival) and forgot my digital camera. I realized it oh so sadly after we arrived. So, I have no photos to support what I am about to tell you.

We left from stix-n-stitches at 8am. We had two companions, Vivian and Amy, and the first stop of course was Starbuck's. Everything begins at Starbuck's. Then, we headed on the road and travelled relatively quickly but ultimately it still took us the two hours estimated by Mapquest. I didn't bring knitting with me which was another mistake. I thought to myself I may need to actually drive as Ben was insisting that I drive and it might be even considered rude to our guests (just in case). We arrived exactly at 10am.

Ben and I went to the exact opposite of the entrance and started hitting the vendors from the other end. The first two vendors I visited are actually the ones I ended up making my purchases. From there, we walked to some other vendors. One of the coolest things I saw was a woman who seated an angora rabbit on her lap and then starting spinning the fur into yarn. The rabbit was perfectly calm and it was very fluffy. We visited some sheep, we saw tons of rabbits, and we saw some beautiful sheep dogs. Ben and I have discussed retiring and owning a bed and breakfast. If we did, I can have some sheep. And a room to spin and do creative stuff. Anyways, we hit the French Artichokes early, and munched on those for an early early lunch. We then hit different food samples.

Eventually, I picked up one skein of kid mohair from Brooks Farms and I regret not picking up more. I loved it! It is so soft. I should have picked up more skeins and knitted them into scarves for the holidays. Anyways, I also picked up one skein if red oak from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I am currently knitting this yarn into a swatch to gauge for a shawl (which I don't need a swatch but I am practicing -my first swatch). While I sis one last scan of the vendors, Ben picked up two bottles of white wine, some sauce for food, another sauce for food and some other sauces. I should be posting photos of recent projects, including this olive green poncho I have been struggling with for two weeks. Part of the problem has involved a size 6 needle as the yarn is small, and the second involving a circular need that just cracked in half. I have never had a needle cracked in half. Who knew?

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