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Well, I am about to run out and go out with the women from work. We are going to Mansuri, a very upscale Japanese restuarants in mid-town NY. Hopefully, I can get out of the office to mail these FedEx packages.

My favorite candles are Illumination scented candles in a jar, except all the stores in New York have closed. Which is very upsetting because my favorite scent is Cranberry Orange, which is fabulous! However, we just went into the store in Short Hills, NJ, and they have nothing. So, I think they are going out of business. Their scents are strong and delicious, but last season they released some weird aromatherapy scents. Now, I am all for aromatherapy, but let's be honest when it smells bad it smells bad, and it smelt bad. Sadly, I am in search of a new candle vendor. I would do Yankee candle, but I don't like the labels on the cover of the jars and I don't think they are as strong as Illuminations. White Barn has nice ones and similar style with no labels, but not as strong. Hmmm...

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