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WEll, I don't know if Illuminations is going out of business, but they have restocked the store for Labor Day weekend sales. They are giving $15 off a $50 purchase. I stocked up Cranberry Orange (you can never have enough), and another Fresh Air (I would totally recommend if you have odor issues, i.e. pets, smoking, etc.) and my mom picked up this beautiful glass pumpkin that holds a candle. It is very pretty and will probably be used at the bridal shower and the wedding. As for the Fresh Air, as I mentioned if you have odor issues, not you personally, but for instance garbage was sitting in the kitchen too long, a few too many pets, you live next to garbage disposal facility, someone smokes cigars in your home, cooked salmon, I would recommend the Fresh Air. When Ben lived in England, he had a dog who loved to go swimming and thus his home had a "wet dog" smell. Even though, the dog was no longer there, it had the smell. After I burned the candle (and opened the windows for a week straight) the smell dissipated. Very good candle.

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