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Work, work, work, work.... Got up, heard the Izzy chasing Ella around the house. They seem to like the shower (except when no water is in it). Well, it appears that I must develop a hobby, other than hating my job. I don't do anything except debate the merits of evening programming and let's face it everything is reality tv. So, everyone watches ech other on tv, and I still haven't accomplished anything. SO here are my options:

1. Continue to study graphic design
2. Pottery
3. Sketching
4. Knitting

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At 4:38 PM k8et said...



i know i can convert you on this one!

pottery is cool but can cost more, and you can't do it at home.

jewelry is always an option ;o) or fimo clay (baked in your oven.)

check out for more ideas.

At 4:41 PM k8et said...

ps. isn't blogging at work a great way to procrastinate??

looking for new hobbies online is good too.

(well you have me beat on the whole planning the wedding thing...)

off to NYC to pick up my friend. talk to you later!


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