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When stressed it results in a bad case of startitis. Granted, I finished the Infinity Scarf, I have now started the Wedge scarf in sock yarn. In fact, I am using the Madelintosh Sock Yarn which I picked up from Patricia's Yarns. It is a relatively quick pattern and if I actually paid attention the garter stitch bars would be even in between the lace.


Unfortunately, the return to scarves and the kerchiefs have led to the afghans being put on the side. Yet, I still find some yummy yarn for a blanket and I cannot resist. For example three skeins of Eco + on sale for a killer price at stix.


Before you ask, the answer is obviously another Hemlock Ring Blanket. The real question is do I make the blanket for myself or a family member.

Although, after the Wedge scarf is done, I am really contemplating about the Gaia Shoulder Hug on Noro Kureyon.

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At 6:43 AM Lupie said...

I started the Wedge scarf months ago but just a few weeks ago frogged it. See yours I may have to put it back on the needles.

At 2:42 PM Batty said...

Love your Wedge scarf! It looks like so much fun, I may have to make one for myself. There's something in the air. Or startitis is contagious, not sure which.

At 8:31 AM Knittymama said...

That's gorgeous! I'm trying to avoid the same startitis issues here.

At 10:26 AM Maven said...

What do you think of Patricia's Yarns? I haven't been there yet.


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