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Well, I am not, but I certainly hope this creme and the other skeins I picked up will be transformed into the Lady February Sweater.

I am really excited because this is not a color I commonly use or wear and thus stepping outside my color comfort zone.

It's Saturday night and I have my pattern, some Sprite, and the beginning of the sweater which I cast on at stix-n-stitches today.

Warning: Future Rant
Okay, so I rarely go to the movies but I caved and went to see Hellboy 2 with my husband. We got there early, we got our snacks, and we got a good seat. Perfect, until a woman came in with two young kids after the movie started and of course sat next to us. My inner monologue began wondering how much talking would take place. Oh man, way too much, and most of it by the mom. I think my tolerance reached its peak when in the middle of the movie she yelled at her daughter (who was too young to be in the movie) because the little girl had to go to the bathroom. When she returned she snapped at her son for not paying attention to the movie and explaining what happened. She wanted her son to explain what a "Forest God" was something I as an adult watching the movie could not explain. All of this further reinforces why I have a Netflix subscription and rarely go to the movie.
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At 10:32 AM Bezzie said...

Yeah I'm a laze and can't bring myself to knit a big hot sweater right now. But FL is on my list!

YOu know, as a former theater monkey that had to do this, all you have to do is complain to management about obnoxious people and they should send someone in there to tell the offenders to shut the hell up or get the hell out.

At 1:55 PM IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love that color for the February Lady! So pretty!!

At 6:06 PM KnitXcorE said...

I'm in the same place...... gotta love netflix.

At 8:31 PM Batty said...

I love that color! I'm sure it'll make a great February Lady.


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