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Ok, finally, I reveal the Sanpoku. Now, this is not me. Rather, Norah was very helpful in volunteering to model the sweater.
It is knit in Malabrigo. And I am not doing the border edge because it didn't look like anything. But, I do need to block it out. Although, while Berroco doesn't show you the back, I will.

Source: Sanpoku patternm Yin & Yang Book from Berroco
Needles: Addi Naturas, size 8, 40" circular
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in Red Java
Loved: Super quick knit and easy.
Hated: Couple of things. The back is too short and the photos in the book don't show it. The arms are a little tight.
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At 11:09 PM sunneshine said...

The sweater looks great! I think blocking will solve all your problems with the edges... From a fashion perspective - I think the sleeves are supposed to be tight. When a sweater is loose, you start to look huge with sleeve that aren't tight. I think the back is a design thing too, but I would personally prefer it to run a little longer... That said, it is a beautiful color and a great looking sweater!

At 7:13 AM Bezzie said...

But it's still purty! I love that color and malabrigo! Purrrr!

At 9:03 AM Miss T said...

Very pretty, I love the color! But wow, that back is short--it doesn't look that way on the Berroco site.

At 12:02 PM elan said...

Hmm, love the colour & the front but that back will let in a nasty draft, are you going to make it longer?

At 1:17 PM KnitXcorE said...

pretty ama-hhhhhhh-zing. and 2 malabrigo sweaters now???? dayum. i guess i have to make a second one now.

quite a wealth of *awesome* FO's this week ,darling.

At 10:13 AM CynCyn said...

looks so warm and cozy! do we get to see it blocked soon?

At 11:46 AM Kim said...

Purty purty! I think your problems will be solved with blocking. Mmmmm malabrigo!

At 2:41 PM Deborah said...

will you be wearing this to rhinebeck?


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