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I have made progress on the Wicked sweater (photos later this week). I am past the 30 repeats and have my sleeves hanging out on waste yarn and have begun the repeats beneath the arm hole. Malabrigo is truly divine to knit. I already know my next project and um, yeah it involves Malabrigo again.

I did begin Brooklyn Tweed's generic noro stripe scarf. With the yarn my friend Katie gave me and an orphan skein of Silk Garden relaxing in my knitting stash, I cast on for this afternoon. It moves oh so quickly and because of the ribbing looks like stockinette.
I am enamored with how the stripes appear and create this optical illusion. Very pretty. And this is my first time knitting with Noro which has left my pleasantly surprised. I like the Silk Garden.

So, of course, I leave you with a shot of her Puffiness hugging my shoe.
Puffy says, "The shoe is a contact high"
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At 1:54 AM elan said...

Beautiful scarf, I've got a bit of noro in the stash but it's for fondling not knitter right now.

At 7:18 AM Bezzie said...

Nice scarf.

It starts with shoe huffing...and then what?

At 10:49 AM Kim said...

Nice scarf! I like kitty's optical ilusion black fluffy beard. Or is it a real beard?

At 12:07 PM Kara said...

Oh the scarf is soo pretty. I love it!

And the shot of kitty is pretty funny.

At 3:47 PM Anonymous said...

athena :-)


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