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All done with Cobblestone. Still fighting the cold, thanks for all the "feel better" comments.

Project Details

Source: Cobblestone Sweater by Jared Flood, Interweave Knits, Fall 2007
Needles: Addi Naturas, size 8, 40" long
Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed, Color #1272, 14 skeins
Loved: It was a quick knit which I could do without paying too much attention. Little seaming.
Hated: Yarn is not the softest, but I will attempt vinegar, Eucalen, and shampoo washings.
Mods: I made the sweater longer because redcoat (dh) just has a very long upper body.
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7 threads:

At 1:42 PM Kim said...

Love it!! I really want ot knit this for myself. The yoke is awesome.

At 5:04 PM Bezzie said...

Very nice--and you did it quick too!

At 6:17 PM --Deb said...

It looks great. And, washing sweaters in hair conditioner can work really well, too. (I like V05 Kiwi-Lime.) I just fill up the sink with warm water, add a generous amount of the conditioner and stir it around with my fingers, and then soak the wooly item . . . The key is to actually soak it, so the conditioner has time to work at any dirt in whatever you're cleaning. But the best part is that there's no rinsing necessary. You can just drain and dry . . . It just, well, ties up the sink for a while.... (grin)

Keep feeling better!

At 1:49 PM elan said...

Well done, jealous here, too busy, I haven't even got the yarn yet, you give me hope though, I may be able to finish Dan's by Xmas.

At 7:45 PM yarn4kalei said...

It looks great!! I can't believe how quick you knit that up, especially with a cold! You are the woman! :0)

At 5:43 PM CynCyn said...

I second the suggestion of hair conditioner. Looks great!

At 12:31 PM KnitXcorE said...

you're an animal! i love love love it!

when are you starting mine??? ;-)


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