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I pretty much worked.
That's my weekend.
I did do some knitting.
A little bit.

I finished the afghan square. All done before my trip. There was some fuzziness. I only had a few furball moments.

I made some progress on the sanpoku front. This is the second one. I don't think the sleeves will be done before I leave, but I should have some more progress before I leave. Does that mean that I am not thinking about my next project?

Oh yeah. I have loved the Arwen cardigan since published in Interweave last Winter.

I have been eyeing the Pure Merino which matches the gauge and is oh so soft. I have knit with Zara which is the DK weight of this yarn and loved its softness and stitch definition, so Pure Merino was the perfect choice (for me). I have already cast on a gauge swatch which is good to go. It is sproingy and smushy and did I mention oh so soft?

It is.

Margaret has been in progress on this sweater and it is gorgeous. Although, I do want to make it a little longer in the body. We will see how much I can accomplish while on vacation. I have to admit I copied the directions, crossed out the numbers I am not using, and highlighted the numbers I am using, and read them. I am a little intimidated by this project so I am going to bring some socks just in case this is a little too much. No pictures of furbabies today, instead I bring you yummy pure merino....

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At 2:31 PM elan said...

Oh boy, I've got Arwen on my to knit list too. Enjoy the vacation.


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