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As you may remember, I love the house slippers from Knit 2 Together. And with the yarn I picked up on sale at stix a few weeks ago, I embarked on a new felting project. I am okay with felting. I got gauge, knit up the slippers, and admittedly they were both a little different.

I knit the squares to be used as little flowers or bows. I had a lot of yarn leftover and can knit something else some other time.

Here they are felted and drying. Now, a few things I need to adjust for the next pair. I think they need slipper bottoms. The three yarns held together don't really make for a super firm bottom. As well, they slide. I can still see the stitches on the bottom and top. In the picture of the book the tops are much longer which could help stop the slippage.

They do look really cute though. So, when I get back from vacation, I will explore this pattern again.

Sanpoku Update: So after all the work I did on the sleeve of Sanpoku I had to frog it. I was planning on switching to knitting straight when I came to the decreases but the gauge would have changed. I was knitting in the round 21/4, but they pattern and everything else I knit was 20/4. I have re-started the sleeve.

X-Files Update: We are on Season 7. Ahem, yeah we saw the episode "All Things" written by Gillian Anderson and I gotta say I did not like it. I felt like I was in a french film on pause. At this point, I am thinking that the show will improve wth Robert Patrick. Cyn, I know you have some insight on this.

Buffy Update: Yes, a Buffy update. We finished Season 4. The climactic fight at the initiative and bullets turning into doves (although freaky primal slayer). We are moving onto Season 5 which I remember enjoying. Although, then is (blegh) Season 6. Bezzie, I know you can add some input on this.

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At 4:55 PM Bezzie said...

Cute slippers. I'd probably sole them too because I'm so clumsy I'd slip and break a hip.

I love Season 6! Evil Willow! Which reminds me, I owe you some thanks for the heads up on the series being on sale at Costco. We picked up every season by 1 and 4 for only $84!

Have a great vacation!

At 7:07 PM Beverly said...

Oooooo, Robert Patrick. I know a lot of X-Files die hards didn't like the show after Mulder left, but I really liked Dogget's character. He's pretty yummy to watch.

At 8:40 PM Batty said...

I love those slippers!

When I was in college, the guy who played CSM on the X-Files came to give a talk. I went, we absolutely loved it.

At 10:15 AM Knittymama said...

Oh, I'd forgotten about that pattern. You're right they are adorable!

At 8:28 PM V said...

I don't have that book and so haven't seen these slippers before - yours are adorable! I could definitely see me slipping and falling with felted knit slippers, too - wondering if there's something you could glue on the bottom with fabric glue after the fact?

At 11:19 AM CynCyn said...

girl. most of the reason i loved the show was the mulder/scully relationship. I know the last season was blah (I consider the 'last' season to be Mulder's last season) but I just couldn't watch with the new guy.


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