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I ripped the Wicked sweater and will recast on in the Fall. I finally picked Malabrigo yarn for the Sanpoku pattern from Berroco which is so cool looking. I am very excited and started a swatch last night. I need to get 20 stitches/4 inches except that I used a size 8 needle last night and got 19. So, I tried a 7 this afternoon and 22. I am going to try again tonight with the 8 and just loosen my tension.
HG (Homegoods) the coolest shop is where I took Dh yesterday. I found these adorably bright Pucci inspired boxes.
These boxes are perfect for sock yarn and my new sweater stash. Pictured below is the sock yarn. I should probably start cataloguing stuff for Ravelry. So far, I got Lorna's Laces (Pink Flamingo, Vera, Purple Iris), VanCalcer (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw), Brightdyes (Gryffindor), Socks that Rock (Lucy), Colinette (two different colors I don't remember), Cherry Tree Hill (assorted ones) etc.
I have been posting photos of Maya, so here's ...Izzy.
You should have more photos of me, I am the Izzy.

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At 4:48 PM Kim said...

Sorry about your trip to the frog pond the other day. A trip to Home Goods is always good for what ails ya. I love Home Goods.

At 9:33 PM CynCyn said...

love the malabrigo. Luuuuurrrrv.

At 9:52 PM elan said...

Love the boxes, I had a dress in material like that in the 80's.


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