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For those of you not in the know, DH is from England and has been here for three years now. Sadly, we have not ventured through a lot of the United States. His knowledge of the US includes, Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Scottsdale AZ, and Boston (granted not a state but we hung out one July 4th there). When the folks offered pick of their timeshare (which was about to expire) we leaped on that and with the short notice our choices were limited so we picked Atlanta. Yes, Hotlanta. I realize it will be a bazillion degrees, but we will be out of our locus of the area and there should be air conditioning.

We have finally decided to skip the plane ride in favor of driving down in the car. So, the plan so far includes stopping off in Outer Banks, North Carolina on the way down. Granted this is a small detour, why not? I always wanted to go and I finally get to hang out at Jeanne's Knitting Addiction. I met Jeanne and her husband on line (in an actual line, not online) of one of the vendors at Rhinebeck last year.

Then, we will hit Hotlanta for two days and visit Knitch and Why Not Knit. Yes, you are probably noticing this is my to do list, not DH's. There are other things we will do : Southern Cooking, Coca-Cola, Underground, and CNN....

On the way back, we booked a night at a hotel on a vineyard. We will hit the wine tasting (yes, Anna Banana I don't like wine, but it's fun), walk in the vineyard, and eat at their restaurant.

This way, DH will expand his knowledge of the US to Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia (those are our stops). And, we can hit a few others at another time. Our East Coast list includes: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Tennessee (my Uncle leaves there although I have never been to Graceland).

NK: No Knitting. I have had no time to knit, at all. Very sad about this. I don't even have socks on the needles because I lack the time or the energy to cast on. Sad.

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At 6:36 PM Bezzie said...

Ha ha! You're doing our trip here backwards. After leaving TX, we stopped for a day to visit my sister in Atlanta before finishing up in NJ!

You gotta try Graceland sometime! Campy fun!

At 9:00 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Cool! (or rather, Hot!) :-)

Have you considered the train? You can get your own room, it's very nice, includes all meals (real meals) that you can have delivered to your bedroom - including breakfast in bed.

We've done it before - if you want more details, let me know - it's a fun ride!

At 9:44 PM Ina said...

Road trips can be so much fun - have a great time!

At 10:29 PM CynCyn said...

Does your husband know that road trip = cheetos and mountain dew? (um. maybe that's just me... mmm)

At 10:11 AM Kim said...

Yawl should stop for some delicious BBQ along the way. I loves me a pulled pork sandwich!


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