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So my SP emailed me that Target had in new yummy stuff including some cool dog beds. I hiked over to Target and found so many goodies, including this lovely dog bed which Puffy has enjoyed. We are still working on integrating Maya into the household. It seems Maya thinks the cats are new friends and when Izzy hisses she is getting lost in translation.

Puffy looks at Maya quizzically, "I don't get it, you don't pet me, you don't feed me, what are you doing here?" Maya's response, "Let's play." Eventually, (fingers crossed) all will learn their place in the home. Back to the goodies.

I did some etsy shopping. Hmmmm..... the collar and leash are Lodi and Lewi which is stunning. It is the fireworks collar and leash. The pictures do not do it justice. She has some stunning pieces. And, in the center of the photo is Maya's new decorative tag, maybe, I should call it her pendant which I picked up from Miss Bluebird Creations. She can customize the tags in different colors. And while if you click on the link you are going to ask why not the skull (as you are calling on kahlo)? Well, when I had Blake (family dog who is a black lab) people would get intimidated by her and I didn't want to add to it. Besides, I think Maya looks pretty with bright colors. I think she is more modern a la Pucci and I am more rustic. The treats container is another treasure found at Target. Although, they didn't have anymore sheep squeak toys (so I am washing Maya's).

Oh, you are probably wondering where is the Jaywalker content? I am stuck on the heel turn. I understand the concept except my heel looks really tiny. Tiny tiny and that is a technical term. If anyone has tried making the jaywalkers and has some enlightened wisdom, please share.
Update Sunday 8am: Last night, I figured out the heel or rather on the fourth go- I got it! I finished the gussets and I am working on the foot.
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At 4:56 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Sorry I missed your cry for help - I have done a couple jaywalkers, so let me know if you have any more questions.


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