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Ok, title is sucky, but yesterday was my birthday. I have a not so great date. See, when I was young, the only other thing that happened on my birthday was that April 19th represented the first day of the American Revolution. However, as I grew older, the siege at Waco ended on my birthday (and for those who missed the memo that didn't end well) and the Oklahoma City bombing. However, I thoroughly believe that you always look for the positive. And yesterday, I had a wonderful birthday. The day before (yes, I am backtracking) my SIL mailed me two Rowan books. Yeah! The coolest gift. She also bokmarked pages of patterns she liked. Unfortunately, the stunning Dk weight cable throw that requires 34 skeins of yarn will probably not be made but the beaded socks are a definite possibility. I love the books, especially because I have no Rowan anything (scratch that, Margaret gave me a skein to make the Odessa hat).

Well, here's the thing today I got home and found an old scarf I promised to make my FIL. See, last weekend DH finished the floor and we still need to add the molding and the room is done. So, my knitting is in complete disarray. Ok, I found this scarf. I am now motivated to finish this scarf, until I couldn't find the significant partner of the Lantern Moon needle I have been using to knit it. My logic is to start digging through my stash to locate the MIA needle. No luck, but what I did find was a pile of UFO.

  • Anna Banana's baby blanket #2
  • Burgundy and white scarf for DH in Alpaca
  • FIL scarf (obviously)
  • Adrienne Vittadini scarf (leftover yarn, which will be donated)
  • Lift & Separate sweater (it needs some knitting and sewing)
  • Star Mesh wrap

This doesn't include the piles of perfectly usable yarn leftover from projects which include:

  • Elabeth Lavold chocolate yarn (enough for a scarf)
  • Manos Del Uruguay (I keep frogging whatever project I work on with this yarn)
  • Piles of misc. Rio De La Plata

I feel overwhelmed and compelled to do something about this. I seriously need to reduce some of this before it becomes clutter. At what point is it clutter? And for anybody who gasped, I did say clutter. I only have so much room and I need to finish some of this stuff. Certainly, well before Sheila has her next sale.

Ok, I am sitting her without a needle to finish FIL scarf which kills me because it in the last ten inches of being complete. Agh!

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At 7:43 PM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I got a package too....thank you soooooooooo much for the wonderful prize goodies!! Pics are on the blog!! The puppies say hi toO!

At 7:38 PM Kim said...

Happy Birthday!!!

At 1:14 PM athena said...

belated happy birthday!

At 11:27 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

I know am I really late on this, but Happy Birthday!! :-)


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