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Since, we moved into the new house we have fully taken advantage of Craig's List (BTW the founder of said site is from Jersey). We have sold our dining room set, removed our sofa, computer desk, and we have acquired our new dining room chairs and a sewing table. Ok so let's begin with the dining room chairs. The people who owned the house before us left the table which was very nice but no chairs.

Last night, La Flaca (my mom) calls and tells me that there are chairs on Craig's List and after an email and phone call later we went this morning to investigate. The price of the chairs was fabulous and I think they fit nicely in the dining room. They say Aries have a thing for symmetry and after looking at the photo - well it is confirmed (for me at least).

The sewing table I found last week and on Friday DH and I took a ride up to Andover Antiques and picked her up. Let me explain that in this one corner there are five or six antique stores and they are all so nice. The furniture was all gorgeous- I want a bigger house! We stopped by on a Friday at 4pm and they were incredibly helpful and nice. The table is tiny fitting perfectly into my nook on my arts and crafts room. On the top of the table is engraved the J.D. Flock Company Hackettstown, NJ. On the other side is an engraved tape measure. I love the idea of an engraved tape measure. I don't even know if I will use it, but I think it fits appropriately.

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