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Should this be called evidence of the sale or evidence of my future debt? I love sales, love sales. I actually never made it to sns until today and after we went to pick up our new chairs and have the sofa picked up and cleaned. I made DH drive me and then we hit the food store. Well, you don't care about that, you want SEX (stash enhancement experience).

Firt purchase was six skeins of Classic Elite Premiere to make one clapotis for La Flaca (for either mother's day, next Christmas, or next Birthday). This cost $27 in total for all this yarn.

Second purchase was Debbie Bliss Cashmere. For 50 yards of caashmere originally $15, it cost $7 bucks a pop (or was it $8 anyways) a great price. I am plannig on making a cowl neck maybe for me or someone else.

The Blizzard was on sale for $5 a pop and I picked this up as a replacement for Rowan Big Wool for a French Girls poncho pattern. It is alpaca and acrylic and feels so yummy. It is super chunky but I think it is nice. BTW, I didn't pick this color for me it was chosen for me by Margaret and DH. I was outvoted.
The last purchase was Elizabeth Lavold's Chunky Alpaca at $4.00 a skein in moss color. I am struggling to find patterns with 3.5-3.75 per inch gauge, so recommendations are definitely welcome. I loved the texture and the color and my temptation resistance was low.

I ran into Dallas Scarf Lady. If you stop by sns ask Sheila about Dallas Scarf Lady (btw she's from Dallas). I am very excited about the yarn purchases but I seriously need to finish some yarn projects. Finishing one of my sweaters would make me feel better.
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At 11:08 PM CynCyn said...

awesome, awesome finds!! i used the blizzard to make the blizzard shawl in scarf style and i love it! it's very very warm!

At 8:57 PM Julsey said...

You definitely bought some purty yarn at that sale :) Too bad I missed it...mmm DB cashmere...Oh, and I totally love the sheep needleholder! It was great running into you at D. Marie, and although random...not quite that random. We're neighbors!! Nice chairs too!

At 2:15 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhhh yey for all that fantastic SEX! ;-)


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