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In three weeks we will be in our new home and here I am occupied with the fashion.

Ok, this is in the wrong direction but this was my creative use of the recycle leaves bags which were given to me to pack our sheets and towels. They do work pretty good. And... make a very nifty Halloween costume.

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At 11:29 PM Deborah said...

have fun packing, good luck!

At 5:24 PM Krista M said...

My gosh you seem to have a lot on your plate! Best wishes on the move and good thinking with the bags...just make sure you mark them! Don't ask.

At 1:15 PM knittingnurse said...

hOMG, I so KNOW just what you are going through. I've been at my new place for 3 1/2 weeks and I STILL have unpacking to do. Uh, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that just now, huh???

You will be FINE. You will get it all done and it will be great.

New beginnings are always exciting.

Hang in there sweetie.


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