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Notice the happy DH wearing the HP scarf finally completed. I received the last yarn I needed to complete this scarf from Knitpicks a couple weeks ago but never felt compelled to add the fringe. Last night, I pulled out the scarf and started making the fringe. I believe we were watching Dr. Who or Battlestar, and afterwards we turned the channel and The Sorcerer's Stone was ending. At 11pm, I gave up with one side down. Tonight, I decided to finish the other side and The Chamber of Secrets was on the telly. We are catching little reveals about the Order of the Phoenix. Tomorrow, Prisoner of Azkaban is on but no Goblet of Fire (yet).

Did I thank everyone? I don't think so. Thank you all for your well wishes. DH has found a new job (temporary contract). Some bad mojo happened at this place and he had to move quickly and so he did. Sadly, he will be leaving me tomorrow at 6am off for two weeks to San Diego and Las Vegas. I will be finishing packing all by myself but I should be alright. ;)

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