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Margaret presented me with this gift on Sunday and my head exploded. Lack of words and jaw on the ground described my general response. This is the most amazing yarn gift. ever. Inside the basket (and there is another matching basket) are:

  • nine skeins of Malabrigo in orchid
  • Cables Untangled book
  • Rowan Cash Soft
  • Package of Beads
  • Printed copy of Odessa pattern
  • Balducci chocolate bars (some have already been consumed)
  • Cat and Dog bookmarks
  • Lantern Moon sweater keychain
  • Cat calendar
  • And I am sure I am forgetting something

Yup, it is an awesome gift. Well, the package has been sitting on the chair untouched since I received it. Primarily, because we are moving more and more stuff into the house each day and I think my recent stash enhancements will be going tomorrow.

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At 10:54 PM Anonymous said...

Note to self... become better friends with Margaret! What an awesome gift... Love the Malabrigo and everything else as well!


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