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Well, the panic attack is slightly delayed. I will reveal the information when all has calmed down. THANK YOU SO MUCH! DH is recuperating, re-assessing, and addressing the dilemma (just slightly delayed).

On knitting front news, I went to stix last night for some knitting. Yes, I braved the weather as it seems I was completely ignorant of the impending inches of rain. It was a small and quiet crowd and the conversation was wonderful. I did a little more on my sleeve of the wrap and started the arm shaping on the CPH.

I have been in communication with my coffee swap partner, Kim of Adventures of a Busy Mama, who is so nice and friendly. We both agree that Hazelnut coffee is yummy, and floral scents are best in someone else's home. She has some adorable children. I am beginning to collect some ideas for the swap. I already made some initial minor accessory purchases but nothing like the big kahuna items or should I call it the big kona items (a dash of coffee humor or my version of it).

oh! stix got Blue Heron yarns which I love. I had to search through my earlier posts to find a picture of the raspberry yarn in rayon metallic which I bought in 2005 at Seaport Yarns. I was so excited stix got this yarn because I love it! I did pack my skein up as I never did officially decide on a pattern. What I did find was that some people made the clapotis out of this yarn and my favorite so far was a poncho.

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At 12:25 AM Anonymous said...

Hey. You left a comment on my blog about the Make One t-shirts. I'm planning on selling them on eBay soon with the Buy It Now option, but if you want one, I would be happy to sell one directly to you. I deleted the Typepad blog and am back to Blogger while I figure out what to do next, blog-wise. I like your blog, especially the name. Nice. I couldn't figure out how to email you, so I'm leaving a comment.


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