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Not really. I think we did really well at the bazaar. We had a ton of volunteers for setting up Saturday at 7am and we had a good amount for clean up on Sunday at 4pm. All the tables were filled with new stuff and we had a ton of donated knitted goodies thanks to Sheila and Deborah from stix (and they also donated a beautiful blanket basket).

Due to the whole weekend volunteering, I was not able to make progress on my knitting. In fact, I left the bazaar early on Saturday to do school work and couldn't even achieve that as the neighbors above us had two kids visiting and I am under the impression it was body slamming 101. I went downhill after two hours of banging and stomping so we went for cuban in Montclair's Cuban Pete's for ok appetizers but yummy dinner and un cafe con leche that was fantastico! When we returned the noise remained, so I went to sleep, while DH asked the non-considerate neighbors to lower the noise. They were very nice they lowered the noise two hours later (do you detect sarcasm?).

Anyways, I am now relaxing in my bedroom avoiding the noise. Oh yes, they are still noisy on a Sunday night. Sadly, it's not the owner of the unit it is her boyfriend that is the cause of the noise. So, I am sitting on the bed with my knitting bags ready to work on the right hand front of the CPH.

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