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Let me preface this post by stating that my digital camera is broken and worst of it all I found out while taking Squid Knits photo. So, this will be a photo-less post.


Rhinebeck was interesting, overwhelming, and satisfying all at once. DH, Margaret, and I had a late start on Saturday which put us directly in traffic. Blegh. So we arrived later than we anticipated and in time for my lunch time stomache to growl. I dragged everyone over to the fried artichokes, because, well I have been craving them for a year. While DH held our space on line Margaret and I cornered our first few bloggers (none on my card) but they were Spin Weave Knit and Cake, The Wandering Knitter, and Three Sheeps to the Wind. Well, afterwards DH went in search of wine while Margaret and I went in search of fried dough and mountain dew. Well, at this point I saw Stacey (Sheep in the City) and Cynthia (I hate Waiting). After chasing them down the hill, I was very happy to finally two individuals whose blogs I have been reading for over a year.

We headed over to blogger meet up which was overwhelming. The first fifteen minutes was great but then I felt bad because I became distracted by just finding my squares. I felt bad asking "Who are you? ...Um, ok, you're not on my card. Nice to meet you."

Anyways, Margaret and I walked around but our energy was low. I did pass up the samoyed yarn (yarn made from a samoyed dog) which fascinated me, but I did pick up some yarn for my secret pal (the one I am spoiling). I was tempted when I saw Cynthia's needle case from Crippenworks but when I went to the booth they didn't have the pattern I really liked. I love Moving Mud but then felt overwhelmed by the rush of people a few minutes later and skipped picking anything up (and to be honest I don't need the buttons right now).

It was extremely crowded. Really crowded.

When I arrived home I found a special surprise. yeah! (Imagine a photo of the package-remember broken camera). So, I opened the package to find a rectangular tin with daffodils on the cover. Yeah! So, I opened the tin which has a Halloween card signed from my SP. Inside is a white chocolate skull (and we all know how much I love skulls-so Day of the Dead), two skeins of Knitpicks Andean Treasure in yummy brown, a candle, and a book of Frida Kahlo postcards, YEAH!

Thanks to my Secret Pal. I am sorry my camera is busted. The package was wonderful!

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At 10:18 PM CynCyn said...

it was a huge overwhelming day!! so much to see, eat, touch, smell, learn, hear, ppl to meet... next yr, maybe i need the weekend pass.

your DH came? i wandered around all day wondering who all the brave men were (the ones who weren't vendors).


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