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Well, the wrap sweater is going well (if my camera was working a picture of a the second front being working on), I am about to start the Central Park Hoodie (another picture will go here of more yarn).

This afternoon I went to sns for some afternoon knitting and progression on the sweater. Ironically, Margaret showed up unexpectedly so we had a small group knitting. What put a damper on the day was noise from upstairs (but only two more months to go cha-cha-cha until we move) after we got home. Call me crazy but I think that if your stomping causes the lights on my chandelier to flicker and I can hear your impressions of a monkey louder than my tv, you are noisy ( and thus the problem with my neighbors).

Oh, if you remember the hats I knit for the pregnant co-worker well I got a very nice thank you card from her, a compliment from another co-worker who we carpool sometimes, and another co-worker. The thing is the last co-worker I never met before and she introduced herself complimented me on the work and then asked me if she would buy the yarn if I would knit her grand-daughter a baby hat. Hmmm, um, no. I have a few projects of my own sorry.

Whoops: I forgot to add the movies I rented. We got in honor of Halloween, The Feast and X-Men 3. We have been catching up on the horror films through all the movie blocks, AMC has been playing the classics while FX has been playing some new ones and SciFi has a mix. The Feast was the Project Greenlight film which is more gory than I would think.

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