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Well, today we received a sad email that Hannah, Grandma Sparkes' dog, has passed away. The ten year old little dog with no teeth, blind, partially deaf was her best friend and companion and was soon to be the recipient of the dog sweater (I was sewing the buttons on next). DH is very sad because he knows how much Hannah meant to Grandma Sparkes. The sweater will most likely become another donation to the PAWS Bazaar.

I am watching the Gilmore Girls and not very happy about the recent turn of events from last season. I hate to admit it, but I just want Luke and Lorelai to get married. I am not very happy with Lorelai's character, I mean what else is there to say. I think there are bringing Christopher into this and I wasn't thrilled about Logan, so I am losing hope about actually enjoying the show. While I realize that is so fifth grade about me, but I don't care (that might be so seventh grade about me).

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