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So, after I posted about Hannah which was sad, I noticed one of my emails from our cousin, Heidi, in the UK. She had taken pictures of the lovely Gracie (who has the best personality, completely easygoing which is so Atkins). Gracie (pictured here) is lying on her BBBB. I was so happy to get the picture! And she also sent a picture of the FO: Debbie Bliss sweater (which I forgot to take). At the wedding Heidi mistakenly called me sister-in-law which made me feel special and I do feel like an Auntie. I do have fizzy yarn for another gift for her but I may save that for spring and knit something yummy for Christmas. Hmmm....

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At 10:44 AM forgetfulstitcher9 said...


I think this is the stuff I need to get the itch back. Thanks Mon, and Thanks Gracie!


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