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Ok, so I apologize for not announcing the stix-n-stitches anniversary sale this weekend (another reason to get on their email list). DH and I spent all day saturday at my folk's garage sale and then after a lovely trip to Raymond's this morning for the best french toast anywhere, we stopped by sns.

The anniversary sale is as such, you pull a poker chip and the number written on it is your discount. Luckily, I snagged a high number so no need to have DH pull a chip. I didn't acquire a lot but I did snag-

10 skeins of Zara Merino in a Burgundy
1 Skacel needle tool (you know what size is your needle, etc)
1 Lantern Moon basket

We are now on a budget. Yuck! So, I am planning on using the yarn for the wrap sweater in Big Girls Knits (granted once the outher four skeins arrive in the store). I ran into Margaret who is planning a knitting birthday party. I can't wait to see what she is putting together and meanwhile I am stressing out what to get her for her birthday.....thoughts? gift certificate? yarn? purse? ....

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At 11:14 AM CynCyn said...

congrats on the house!! It looks beautiful from the outside... and might'n there be room for you to have a CRAFT room in that house?


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