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Well, the weekend was busy. We looked at more homes. I knitted more. I bought more. I posted pictures. finally.

Let's start with the trip to Blockbuster. We rent the strangest films and I am okay with that. In fact, the clerk commented I was the first woman he ever heard say "Get Ultraviolet". That is the film with Milla Jovovich in a futuristic world (not the futuristic world with zombies because that would be Resident Evil). Oh yes, we rent independent, horror, sci-fi, b-movie, comedies, etc. We do not discriminate in our selections. Here is this week's rental list:

  1. She's the man
  2. Failure to Launch
  3. Ultraviolet

Then, today we went to Pub 199 up Route 80 in New Jersey. They had a history of being a motorcycle bar, but did a lot to change that reputation. They have amazing king crab legs. We even surprised Churchill with some pieces (which btw he looovvessss!-he loves it). Ironic, four other kitties don't like shrimp or crab. Ella (pictured above) loves General Tsao's chicken.

And I have finally posted pictures of the knitting projects. Lotsa pics, enjoy!

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At 1:59 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhh crab legs!!! I love them!!! Shame that my husband is allergic to crab! I have to check out that pub, though! :-)


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