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So, DH and I have been fixing up our place, getting ready to put it on the market, and while painting trimming near the ceiling I took a backwards splash hitting something. Certainly, I hit the floor but I hite something else. And because I saw the paint spilling in slow motion, I jumped up to fix everything. After a ruined bra, a ruined new pair of capris (in the process of being somewhat recovered), and a few other articles of clothing which was easily sacrificed, I am in pain. Anyways, curtains should go up tomorrow, be damned the radiator covers. OK, we ordered radiator covers over six months ago, and not only were they delivered late but the wrong size. That was supposed to be a selling feature. But, I ramble and simultaneously ache. Oh, I ache.

No knitting. Not with painting, cleaning, and more painting. Speaking of, I have more cleaning tomorrow first thing in the morning, then an orientation meeting, then people to give opinions on what to do with the home. Clean, clean, clean. Declutter, declutter, declutter....pain, pain, pain...

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