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That begin with "D". Introduced by Michelle on her blog, I went to the source and Stephanie gave me the letter D. I need to list ten things that begin with the letter D.

1. Dogs. (Family dog is Blake, a 15 year old Lab mutt mix)
2. DH=Darling Husband.
3. Dew, as in Mountain Dew. I drink it almost everyday since returning to school and work.
4. Diakito yarn (I hardly see it but I love it!)
5. Dell Computers (DH is a computer tech, therefore we have a few)
6. DVDs (We have more than I thought)
7. Digital Camera (Canon Powershot A75)
8. Dishes (from Crate and Barrel)
9. Dumbbell (We don't use them for exercise, more for decoration and as dustcollector)
10. Dirty Clothes (Need I say more?)

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At 5:06 PM Michelle said...

Very nice. I've never heard of Diakito yarn so I googled it. It looks really pretty. Have you ever used it? How does it compare to Noro? I love the Noro yarns but they can be a bit rough so I'm curious if this is softer. Or less expensive. :D


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