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The event! Debbie Bliss at stix-n-stitches in Montclair, NJ. When Sheila first announced Debbie Bliss was coming to the store, I was blown away and knew I would go. Luckily, no finals due this week so I could go.

Well, Debbie spoke in the morning with a wonderful buffet brunch catered by Marc and Eric (who also donated food to Art for PAWS). So, I arrived ten minutes early. I knew people were exicted as two women stood on opposite sides of Glenridge ave. screaming "she'll be here in five minutes". They were yelling across a one way street with no oncoming cars. That's when you know you are in the right place.

I made my cup of coffee, picked a seat, and watched all these people who I know come into the store. There was Karen, Robin, Louise, Margaret, Julsey, faces I see all the time. Well, so I am sitting there, getting all excited, when Louise extends her hand to this woman standing at the table. Now, I have to admit I have never seen Debbie's photo, so as soon as I heard the English accent, well, I knew.

All the voices hushed down and Debbie told us she started her business, how she chooses colors, how the collections are developed, the focus of knitting, and about those adorable baby photos in the books. I thought it was interesting that she was inspired by Carl Sandburg (which I have googled but can't locate) soft sculpture and was located while her artwork was on display. Her artwork at the time was machine made plants handpainted to resemble all the subtle nuances of a plant.

Debbie invited everyone to try on the sweaters she brought and let me tell you everyone did. For a while, we had a fashion show as different people modeled the garments. It was a great time! After the Q&A period, we all broke for food and Debbie signed the books. Debbie was extremely nice and down-to-earth. She signed all the books I bought including the one I purchased a month ago. After things died down, it was just a handful off us left, and Debbie was chilling with Margaret, Remy, Theresa, Patti, Sheila, and I on the sofas. Ok, enough typing go look at lotsa pictures.

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At 9:36 AM The Crafty Weasel said...

OH!!!! How can I have missed this???? How?? OHHHHHHH! I'm gonna go cry now!

At 8:47 PM Julsey said...

It was a blast! Trying on the sweaters was so much fun...too bad I'm not a 32"...

I can't believe I left without buying ANY yarn...damn house-in-NJ-expenses!

Keep me posted on any more events at SNS!!!

See you soon :)

At 2:19 PM CynCyn said...

Great Bliss-FULL posts!


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