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Ninna chilling. Me, on the other hand, despite an extended weekend from work have acquired a cold. My job gave me two days in addition to the three day weekend, and my body responded by shutting down with a head cold. First came the sore throat, then the achiness, chills, and ultimately the non-functioning response to anything. I slept. I know I was sick because as DH says, "you're not knitting or watching tv" (although usually both go hand in hand). I was a vegetable. I actually took medication voluntarily (another sign that I am sick). I was popping decongestants and nyquil and orange juice. Friday, I accomplished nothing. Although, I did rally at 8pm to watch Halloween 4 & 5, now in my defense this did run until 3am, but I couldn't sleep. And I did cast on some Blue Heron yarn from my stash for a star mesh pattern from Interweave. When I awoke on Saturday, three cats had decided that my sleeping body on the sofa was the new sofa, so Churchill, Izzy and Puffy, all camped out on top of me.

Eventually, my body began to recover Saturday, as DH reports I began knitting yet again. Actually, he just remarked my sarcasm has returned so I must be feeling better. Sadly, two days out of commission has left me way behind in my school work (something I should be able to recoup).

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At 10:49 AM Dave said...

Cat's are great aren't they? I used to have a cat called fluffy, sadly though, she passed on to newer and better things a couple of years ago. She's still in my thoughts though.

At 9:58 AM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

Oh poor baby - Knit away, you'll feel so much better. LOL


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