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Before I understood a lot of concepts within the knitting realm, I bought Blue Heron yarns. I bought one skein of 500 yards for a pattern that in no way could I have accomplished for my second project in knitting. It was a lace pattern from Oat Couture. It gets better... So, I frogged the thing three times. Anyways, I eventually hid the yarn in what soon would become my stash (I think there was a two chenille hanks from Lion Brand at the time). Well, after my lost to the head cold on Friday and actually sleeping in my bed, my fingers were twitching to knit when I had my rally that night. I pulled out the Blue Heron which I think is Raspberry or Strawberry or some kind of berry, and found a pattern through Googling Mesh Pattern on Interweave. One thing leads to another and here I am on Sunday with this progression. The pattern is a four row repeat and simple to memorize, let's see what becomes of her : will she head down the same road as the other projects with this yarn or will she come to exist as a garment of luxury or just a garment.

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At 10:01 AM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

this looks soooo good. You are ona roll.


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