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All done. Well, aside from a few ends that need to be weaved in. It is incredibly huge. I do not jest. The clap starts from what you see and is lying on the chair. I seriously made it too big. And Cyn, I did six additional repeats on the straight rows. A few too many. I can mummify myself in the clap. I think it reaches from toes and over my head and possibly to my toes again. If that makes no sense, no worries, it is super long. But, after making a few shawls too small, I appreciate this fitting.

Now, I received the official word from stix-n-stitches which I am pasting here from their email list-

Saving the Best for Last: Spring Sale
Saturday - May 20th from 9AM- 12PM ONLY
We need to make room for new inventory.

So anyone stopping by to meet Wendy for her book signing, 2-4 pm that same day, you can stop by a little earlier for a sale! I have my eyes on a few yarns, fingers crossed, they are on sale.

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At 12:46 AM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

I love your finished product. I bet it's not too big at all.

For some reason I didn't get that e-mail, I wonder why. Unless it was the e-mail I got, but didn't read it all because I knew I wouldn't be here. DAMN!

P.S. Love the name of this post. LMAO.

At 12:10 AM CynCyn said...

clap is beautiful. i love the color. the extra length just means extra warmth when you need it.


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