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The clapper after the second ladder, oh yeah, I got it! I decided to go with the width as the pattern describes, but as soon as I started on the straight rows and I dropped the first stitch I understood the whole pattern, it clicked, it makes sense. I understand. I am one of the chosen. One of the few (actually I think I am way too late, I think at least a thousand people have embraced this pattern but it sounds better than saying one of the thousandth). Anyways, I thought to myself I do like the Classic Silk, but really, I would love this wider in Shaefer yarns a la Billie Holiday or Margaret Mead? I crazy enough to do another clap, I think I am.

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At 1:22 PM athena said...

i've been wanting to make a clap myself for a long time, but i couldn't decide on yarn and i just plain don't get how it works. (oops! run-on!) maybe you could impart your wisdom to me about it one of these days. hee hee


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