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I came across The Crafty Weasel through the NJ Knitters webring and I love the site. She has several beautiful ferrets and for those not familiar with these critters, they are unique, fun, and a blast to have in the home. DH says I can get some when we get a house (I know, I know, five cats, some ferrets, two dogs = one insane asylum).

Anyways, on the blog she introduced each of her ferrets individually. So, drawing inspiration, I thought I would introduce my kiddies. Today is Billie. Billie is named after Billie Holiday not for vocal range but because it follows our tradition of naming after someone with double consonants in their name. However, we have tendency to call her Puffy, well, because, she is Puffy.

Puffy was a resident of PAWS Animal Shelter and was there for several months. Her caretaker could no longer care for her and the nine other cats in her home. She was the cat I would visit during the night when volunteers go to the shelter to socialize the cats so they are accustomed to the human touch and voice. Considering she came in covered in fleas, she was treated for bartonella and tapeworms when we fostered and then later adopted her.

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At 10:07 PM CynCyn said...

your Puffy is oh so cute! so glad you rescued her. another repeat on the 2nd section would make it wider, not longer. if you do a few more repeats of the 'straight' section, you'll have a longer clapotis. :)

At 2:04 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

How did I miss this post??? Thank you thank you thank you for all the lovely things you said about my ferrets and my blog!!! I know what an insane asylum is: me, my husband, 4 ferrets and a weasel dog!! LOL LOL Thank you again, very sweet of you! I might see you Sunday at the Art for Paws!


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