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I have class on Saturdays at 8am in which case I treat myself to the one latte I have all week at Starbuck's. Essentially, at 7:30am on a Saturday I am at Starbucks sipping my coffee. This schedule has been working very well as no one is on line this early in the morning. A month ago, this all changed. I ended up behind a woman who took a limousine and ordered a half dozen lattes. As my school is so close this becomes a minor inconvenience but it was close to me being late. I thought nothing of this, until the next week, when the same woman yet again bet me to the Starbucks and orders a few lattes. Yup. Every week I am struggling to wake up and beat the woman to the line. Today, I rushed up the street to be stuck behind a taxi that wouldn't let me pass them when they were turning, and yes, it was the same taxi that pulled up in front of the Starbucks as I parked the car with the woman who orders too many lattes first thing in the morning. I consider this the fates working against me. And not because the woman keeps arriving right before me, but for the past few times the latte has been horrible. Awful. And I am in such a rush to leave that I forget to try the coffee until I am speeding down Upper Mountain Ave. heading towards class. Well, next week is the last class and I am even forego this trip.

We ended with Reality Therapy Theory which was okay. For a class on Saturday we have 14 people in class and the conversations have been fabulous. I have learned to participate every class but only every so often. Our class has a student who insists on speaking all the time whether or not what she contributes is relevant. Her overly excited ramblings have become ignored by the professor and with one last class to go, with eye rolling and exaggerated sighs from class members. I have decided that I don't want to be that type of student. Ah, four classes this summer. I think that qualifies as insane.

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At 1:15 PM Mary said...

What in the world is Reality Therapy Theory?


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