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FIL scarf WIP. I started working on this scarf, well, because I did. It has a slight variation in the shades of green which I like. I work on it every so often. Today, I have learned Ben's cousin had a baby girl, so the baby blanket I have been working on has now been pushed to the front of the line. Two skeins left on the blanket, I am hoping to finish by this weekend so I can mail to the UK.

On another note, I met up with Janis and Claudia from the Yarn Pirates for a yarn crawl in Montclair. We hit Elly's Knit and Rest which has been a staple in Montclair for over 38 years. We then walked a little further down to Modern Yarn where Claudia picked up some Malabrigo in a soft pink and Janis picked up a variegated peach yarn. We then strolled to sns where I enjoyed my gift certificate. Janis and Claudia had a good time, and Janis even knows Sunday, which prove it is always a small world.

So, with the week off what will I be doing? Well, I will be at the shelter working on the computer (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). I will also be knitting, BBBB and hopefully Clapotis will be finished (too ambitious). Lastly, I plan on studying for my final exam. Mary had emailed me asking what is Reality Therapy Theory. This theory revolves around clients focusing on changing behavior relying on the here and now (while a lot of other theories focus on the past as catalysts for behavior). To be honest, that's as much as I can get into as it was the last class on new material and at the end you are always exhausted.

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