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So, DH went to Staples to do some copying of study material for an exam he had and comes home with a rather big box to hold his copies. He spent the day sitting at the table staring at his study guides and the Staples box given to him was thus empty. Empty for cats to repurpose the box. Yes, it seems one innovative cat found the box to be relaxing and comfortable. What is amazing is not that one cat found the box to be great as a bed, or that a second also used the box for bedding later that night, or that the next morning we found a third cat lounging in the box. No, this is not fascinating. Animals find pleasure in the small things that we humans overlook. What is amazing is that we continue to buy toys for our cats. They have a very nice and oversized scratching post that is shaped like a tree. They have a box with holes to ferret out little toys and mice. They have catnip bubbles. They have a laser light. They have over 36 mice in our home (I know because if you missed the post - we found and counted the mice underneath the sofa). They have toys attached to string. And Yet, the free Staples box from the copy center has become the most sought after item in the home. Well, we have put a kabash on the cat toys (there was a kabash after the thousand mice under the sofa).

Well, the marsupial tote is done. I have felted one round of the bag, and well it looks pretty bad. I am going to run through a few more cycles and hopefully shrink it. The problem is not the yarn, rather the person who read the pattern seemed to skip a paragraph. So, if I can even walk away with a tote or bag of some kind, I will be happy. Otherwise, the cats have a new toy.

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At 10:17 PM Jenifer said...

Hey, thanks for the compliment! :) You should post your marsupial tote on our tote-along page if you'd like ... send me an email and I'll sign you up. (


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