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So, Ben's cousin had a baby girl, Gracie, and I have been working on a knitted baby blanket (the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SNB) for a gift since January. I was told the baby was due in May, and well, the baby had other plans and arrived early this week. Thinking I would have sufficient time during my vacation to complete the blanket (this was BBB-before baby born), I quickly had to knit fast. Thursday night, I weaved in the ends and today, took a stroll to Semplice and picked up an adorable congrats baby card, wrapping paper, and the cutest sweetest thing, a "Nobody puts baby in the corner" jumper. Jim, the owner and overall cool guy, mentioned to me that it was a quote from a movie. I am sure most of us can remember which movie that quote comes from?

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At 1:32 PM head of the table said...

It's Dirty Dancing.
spoiler below, even though the movie is, um, pretty old.

The scene where Baby is in the corner with her family at the restaurant at the summer resort. Last night of the season, I think. Might even be right before they do their big dance routine and her parents find out what she's been doing all summer.

At 6:46 PM Mary said...

Oh yeah, classic line from Dirty Dancing. My brother thinks that's the corniest line ever and is constantly quoting it.

Hey, sorry about your dying bamboo -- that's almost unheard of, you know? Usually people can't get rid of it! Sounds like you have a fancy version, or perhaps one that isn't happy with NJ winters?


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