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Well, I caught up with a close friend this Friday at Knit NY. It was my first visit and I did enjoy having lattes so close in proximity to yarn and I did indulge in a bagel. Anna splurged on a banana bread and coffee. The front of the store does have the coffee bar and each yarn and color the store carries is displayed throughout the store. Do not fear they have more yarn stored behind closed doors just ask for someone to grab you how much you need. Part of you still wants to see all the yarn, but it is an interesting design. We spent a good few hours sitting and knitting, and although I feel we encroached on some of the locals space, we had a few good laughs (I made major progress on patchwork pattern scarf).

What was great was the Malabrigo yarn. I like Manos, but Malabrigo is soft to the touch. It is butter. I came home with three skeins in Geranio, which once in the sunlight I realized was a fuschia pink, will convert into two scarves. Each skein is 215 yards which is almost in my estimation enough to make a scarf, almost. I have started the mistake rib scarf for myself and the second will go to someone else hmmm.... But, I was excited to see a lot of colorways. I brought home the yarn and did the wool test. As DH doesn't appreciate wool, I made him touch it to see if he knew it was wool. He guessed alpaca. Mission accomplished it is super soft to the touch.

Anna will be traveling to the land of Germany. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Oh yes, Holz and Stein. We googled some yarns available in Germany, however pleease make suggestions as we need some. We have found Loft, Naturwool, and one other one.

We caught up with another friend who wrote my letter of recommendation for school. As a thank you, I knit her the kitty pi bed which was tested by all the kitties in the home. So, it was re-washed and re-shaped and presented last night. I hope to be able to post a photo of her kitties sleeping in the bed. You can see the post here of my cats enjoying it.

Lastly, it was so beautiful I ended up on s-n-s on Saturday for a leisurely knit. I was able to start my mistake rib scarf. I will post Sunday or Monday photos of the lovely, delicate, yarn I received from France and details on what that might become...for now, here's photos of yesterday.

Monica knitting up a patchwork pattern with a seed stitch border in Karaoke.

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At 10:46 PM Michelle said...

KnitNY sounds like a great shop. Coffee and yarn together. Not much better.


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