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Well, stix-n-stitches has their super sale yesterday and I wish I brought my camera for the insanity. I only arrived five minutes after the doors opened and it was impossible to even look at their back wall. After an hour, I surrendered to my decisions and walked away with some solid purchases that will become specific gifts for family members.

I picked up :

2 skeins of Karaoke in green - scarf
3 skeins of Karaoke in mermaid - scarf
3 skeins of Pandora hot pink - scarf
4 skeins of Frappe in moss - SNB Nation spiderweb capelet
2 skeins of Lang Pearl in pink - scarf
1 skein of Magallenes in variegated brown - scarf
1 skein of Magallenes in variegated bright colors - I have no idea!

I think this was my largest purchase ever. On the bright side, I did purchase with intent and ideas of what to make, so this should be converted into gifts shortly (this being in the next year).

I did stroll by Modern Yarn to investigate their sale. Sadly, nothing jumped at me, but I did find a yarn I am in love with, so after these have been made, I may need to debate purchasing it for a scarf.

Ok, I admit it. I want to make scarves, and more scarves and more scarves.

I am debating joining the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics. I think this would be great to motivate me to make the Very Harlot Poncho that been on my to do list for months. I have the yarn, Rio De La Plata in burgundy, and I just have not made the commitment. It will definitely be a challenge because it would be a poncho and a large project in my terms.

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