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I am working on this paper for my Counseling Theories class and I rented a video on my subject material so I can bring some classroom examples during my presentation. Anyways, hubby and I are at the library and I mention to the man who knows all things Harry Potter but hasn't read the last book, "Oh see if they have the last book". Granted, I don't even know the name of the book. Surprise, surprise, they have the book! So, every night you can see hubby sitting in his reclinir chair reading HP. Meanwhile, even though I hit the Super Sale at sns, I decide to pick up my knitpicks yarn and begin the Prisoner of Azkhaban scarf. Hubby looks at me knitting the first band and smiles, "Is that my Gryffindor scarf?" Now, honestly, I am debating if I have the patience to make another one of these, and he never even finished the Sorting Hat quiz to determine which house he belongs, so I just don't know who gets the scarf upon completion.

BTW, I am Ravenclaw.

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