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Ha! If you ever wanted to know English (yes, from England) slang, you can check out this site. Learn how fanny is not the location on the body that Americans know.

As my husband (from Coventry, but family lives now in Bruton) is a limey, we do entertain too many conversations on pronunciation to disputes on the letter "u" (colour vs color), to what words mean (bird is a woman in UK). I do have to say the phrases are the best part. For instance, "Sod that for a game of soldiers".

Ah- the English! Not only did they give us the Spice Girls, tea, and my hubby. And no, I still have no idea what the phrase above means.

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At 2:18 AM CynCyn said...

you know you have my cat in your picture, right? looks like my cosmo kitty.

as for bird = woman. same as chick for us Americans, no?

thanks for stopping over at my blog!


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